HOA Board Announcements

Announcement from Board Meeting held October 23, 2018:

  • Please read the following document to become familiar with the HOA Board roles and responsibilities. We have seven board members resigning and need qualified candidates to take over.

Urgent ALERT June 11, 2018:

  • The Board received a call from a resident this morning regarding a POSSIBLE alligator sighting in our lake. Please keep all children and pets away from the lake until further investigation is complete.  If you see an alligator and can safely take a photo, please do so and contact the Guardhouse right away.

Special Announcement January 5, 2018:

  • A Comcast representative will be at the January 17th Board Meeting to discuss the upgraded HOA cable and internet package, answer any questions, and schedule appointments for installation and equipment upgrades. Appointments will be scheduled for January 30th from 4pm – 7pm for residents to retrieve new equipment. Equipment will be picked up at the Clubhouse.

Announcements from Board Meeting held November 15, 2017:

  • Bulk garbage pick up takes place on Fridays.  Please do not place bulk items on your swale for pick up until after 3pm on Thursdays.
  • Swale damage due to Hurricane Irma must be remedied by the end of December to avoid a violation. Each resident is responsible for their own property.
  • With school back in session we have seen an increase in children jumping over the Congress Avenue wall.  Please remind our children to use the Golf Road entrance when going to and returning from school.  The wall property is private property.   

Special Announcement November 9, 2017:

  • As of 11/9/2017 the Community Clubhouse will again be locked. The Clubhouse is still available for residents to use during the day. The keys can be signed out through the Guardhouse. More specific information related to this announcement will be discussed at the next Board Meeting.

Announcements from Board Meeting held October 18, 2017:

  • No announcements

Announcements from Board Meeting held September 28, 2017:

  • Due to darkness in the community, please leave your garage door lights on from dusk to dawn. Timer lights may be purchased at most hardware stores for about $9.00.
  • Please remember that planting on swales and within 20 feet of the lake is not permitted. Any existing trees or plants that die or are removed cannot be replaced in these areas. Any new planting must be approved by the A&M Committee.
  • Please keep our pool area safe and clean.  There is no glass allowed in the pool area.  Also, please no foreign objects in the pool, such as rocks. 
  • Pages 11 and 12 in the 2015-16 Resident Diirectory explain the proper procedure for appealing violation notices.  
  • All bulk pick up has been suspended in Palm Beach County until further notice.  Please removed any bulk trash from your front yard and dispose of it in the proper trash bins.  
  • The annual Halloween Party will be held at the Clubhouse on Saturday, October 28, 2017. Be on the look out for a more detailed invitation. All residents are welcome. 

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